Lead Management

Monitor your demand and sales pipeline with the lead management dashboard. It is a single destination to manage the complete member lifecycle with easy access to contacts, tasks and account information.


Customize plans for your tenants and access their profiles in a single place. Members can independently onboard themselves with their personal dashboard. They can also use it to view invoices, buy credits and make payments.

Contracts & Payments

Make billings error-proof with automated invoicing, and view all transactions at a glance using the Ledger. Jumpree also comes integrated with the best payment providers. Sign legal agreements digitally and store securely on Cloud for instant access.

Remote Control

Manage multiple centers on the go. Check your dashboard, add members and price plans, manage bookings and do pretty much do everything you need — no matter where you are.


Manage your inventory with customized packages. Make intelligent pricing decisions to suit your demand and suppy dynamic.

Live Dashboards

Track member engagement at run time through multiple metrics. Reports available for each service like visitor management, meeting rooms, events etc.


Business intelligence reports across all features are consolidated at one destination. Now, you can monitor your business without multiple spreadsheets!

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