Community Feed

Jumpree comes with a robust community-first coworking app, This ensures you have more than one reason to delight your members. Members have easy access to their coworking network through both public posts and direct messages.

Meeting Room Booking

Meeting room booking can be configured to group size and choice of amenities, and when clubbed with our on-site display monitors, this provides the most efficient way to run all your meetings!

Resource Management

Shareable resources like projectors, better WiFi, printers, etc. can be booked through the app and tracked in the resource credit system for transparent billing.


Promote exciting events and offers to your community to keep them engaged. Use these to also create monetization opportunities for your business through sponsorships, partnerships, and tickets.

Member Directory

Allow members a chance to network through the Member Directory. Member profiles can be shared and viewed by everyone in the community to encourage networking and connectivity.

Visitor Management

Create a great experience for visitors, starting at your front desk — digital login with smart features makes security and compliance procedures a breeze.

Dynamic Seating

Optimize space and energy utilization with Hot Desking. Real-time usage reports enable an agile space. Now you can offer flexibility without compromising operational efficiency.

Incident Management

Manage and track grievances at run-time. Members can flag incidents and complaints to your community managers using the app. Resolve issues speedily with workflow automation.


Add more value to your member community by connecting them to carpool with their peers. Going green has never been easier—or more fun!

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